El Peregrino

The model Peregrino is based on themes from the Camino Santiago de Compostela in the north of Spain. Along the Camino, which has been a pilgrims' road since the 8th century, are many "refugios", or refuges where the travelers of the road can get basic accommodation, often for as little as $4! Many of these are wonderful places where people from all over the world get together. My model "Peregrino" is my homage to the Camino. It contains all of the essential elements of a great classical guitar at an affordable cost.

It is a fine quality guitar suitable for students at any level. See the wonderful photo tour of the Camino de Santiago on this site! Sample photos from the tour

The essential elements of a great handmade classical guitar are carefully chosen fine solid woods, a beautiful rosette, a French polish finish for the top, and a quality ebony fingerboard which will last a lifetime. This guitar has a delicate handmade rosette designed around the universal symbols of the Camino, which include the sea shell, the crossed swords of Santiago, and the drinking vessels carried by the pilgrims of old. See it here.

The back and sides are solid select Indian Rosewood with a high mineral content, making them very hard, durable, and vibrant. You may choose fine solid cedar, redwood or spruce for the top, and a scale length of either 640, 650 or 660mm. If you are not sure what scale length is best for you, send me a tracing of your hand and I will select the appropriate scale length for you.

Finishing off this guitar is a fingerboard of aged Ceylon ebony and hard nickel-silver frets, finely finished, and a rosewood bridge with bone saddle and nut.

Please be sure to view the large assortment of rare and exotic woods available at Paracho del Norte from which your custom guitar can be built. Click here to be directed to the catalogs.
Current price for the Peregrino is an affordable
Price includes a hard shell case

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